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Reinventing Myself

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The Solidago Girl Aiming for childlike fluidity...

reinvent myself (read all 10 entries…)
Time to update this..

First what in the past needs a bit improvement..

1.Looks instead of clothes..I have been able to work on the cultural idea,kind of hard?i need to get down to it,on the other hand my clothing is better.
2.Health..i drink atleast 6 glasses of water a day,need to update to 8,have established a better sleep routine than i ever had in my life,miraculously better but I have my weak days..either way I wake up at 6 every morning without an alarm clock,so I have a biorhythm.
3.my skin..rashes again,i think i know why,can resolve this easily,need to be focussed on detoxification
4.posture and walking..slumped a bit,spending all that time on a chair,will get better though,i will ensure that
5.mental reinvention :Better month than what has been for a long time,but still I get weak,i miss people
6.Life focusing on priorities,Updated,I am focussing on atleast something and better than i have in my entire life,I haven’t been spontaneous recently,but that will change soon.I am trying to sink in lot of emotional information.
7.spiritual reivention..started praying again.and the days went good :)
8.I have given chance for everyone to enter my life,in a good way or bad.still keeping a open heart,just seem to get caught up in walls.
9.I still love the man,with all my heart and soul :)
10.Time,better than ever,developing fluidity at work.

New list..

1.Financial reinvention..Earn at least 40 percent of my costs.Updated.
Learning reinvention..make your own disciplines and follow them,kind of a self enrolled school.updated
2.Physical reinvention..Be in the best shape I have ever been since I was born. =D started the process updated
3.Dreams reinvention..make a list of 5 things i want to finish,as in projects.Start working on them.Deadline,a year,still a bit vague,comes down to a website,2 books,2 other books,a small project for a room and outside.
Short term reinvention..small easily accomplished goals,same as above,deadline 6 months.easily accomplished goals,working on it.
4.Experience stats…Do something that just enriches my life..from travelling,to a new experience.doing updated.
5.And work on the previous list constantly.updated.gonna stay focussed.


Alan Sopher is living life to the fullest and has never been happier! : )

Hi Solidago Girl, alan from San Diego here! : )

I love all the goals, and the fact that youre taking actions to take control of your life and get to where you want to be.

One of my goals is to help at least one person each day get closer to their goals. Why dont we work together and accomplish two instead of 1, how does that sound? : )

The Solidago Girl Aiming for childlike fluidity...

Sounds cool .. :) Any suggestions,help would be welcome,and appreciated. :)

born2imagine What employer needs FT imaginers for their marketing?

Hi, TSG!

Love the way you’ve made your goal so much more accessible by breaking it down into more do-able pieces! Nice job! Hope you won’t mind if I borrow some of your ideas for my own “re-invention”;-).

Thought: “Blah” goals = “blah” results; specific goals = specific results!

p.s. Your specific goals are zing-y!!!

The Solidago Girl Aiming for childlike fluidity...

Hey born2imagine:)

sure go ahead,we can collaborate on achieving whatever you seem to add to your list.I am a huge procrastinator,and a little motivation always helps :)

Zingy :D niiice,thank you

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