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stephanieanastacia gaining control

learn to love myself

What do you do when you’re so shallow to the point you hate yourself? your appearance, your personality, the way you are, every little trait about you. When you find yourself constantly looking at other people and wishing you could trade places. “be happy and grateful for what you have” – i wish i could! this is what makes me such a cunt – I should be grateful for what I’ve got. I am in good health & have a whole life ahead of me. I’m selfish & insecure.. faking life since 2010


NDure is happy & thankful el7amdlolah :-)

Hey I don’t know what you’re talking about, but you look very beautiful :) If I were you, I’d make love to myself :p

stephanieanastacia gaining control

I think its a battle with myself, trying not to put everything down on one post, but thanks for that, made my day!


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