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Lune Fromage: Born of Stardust dances the line between two worlds...

stop pulling my hair (read all 311 entries…)
Days 22, 23, and 24: Being Honest with myself

I have been pulling. I am mad at myself, but I recognize that being mad won’t help me stop. I just need to really keep track and not say “one pull is okay” like I have been doing—- because it is obviously not okay. I can do this when I put my mind to it.

I cannot use stress as an excuse to hurt myself. I need to keep a pen on me so that I can draw when I am stressed and want to do something with my hands…


Tarrador Resistance just makes me hard

You are smart...

and wise to recognize that being mad at yourself won’t help you stop. It might even stress you out more. My own thought is that you might try being kind and loving to yourself, the way you would if a dear friend were hurting herself in someway. You wouldn’t scold her or even tell her she is wrong; you would ask her what is wrong. It might not be as obvious as it seems at first, but if we stop, give ourselves some space and breath, and really examine what is triggering or motivating our actions, we might glimpse an issue or aggravation we hadn’t seen before. Talk with yourself about what is wrong, but not in a flat out “I already know all the answers” kind of way. Try a gentle, understanding approach aimed at resolving the issue, not the symptom. The symptom will usually go away when the issue is addressed.

What if you put some fringe or fake hair or something on your pen and pulled it? Remember those fuzzy haired troll dolls they used to put on the ends of pencils? I think drawing would be a great release of stress, too.

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