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Sing at least one karaoke song (in front of people)
A true total-release experience ! Heartly recommended.

I’ve done this twice actually. Both times were in the U.S (interesting fact by itslef)
First time was 4 years ago, at a gay bar in South Beach Miami.
I am not gay, and don’t ask me what I was doing there. It’s a long story and I’m not going to tell you anyway. :-P
I got bored on the first minutes of being so I’ve decided to make the best out of it and enrolled my name on the Karaoke list. Almost 3 hours passed till I got called to fill my duty on stage. The song was “Depeche Mode’s” – “Personal Jesus” and oh boy I gave a life time performance in front of 100 people.
“What the heck” I said to myself. I don’t know anybody in here & nobody knows me so… lets get wild and make DM proud for a successful cover. It was an amazing experience and I even got some applauds. My 4 mins of fame were caught on video and rumor has it the tape is still circulating the So-Be area to this very day. ;)

The second time was rather notorious. It took place a year ago at a nice diner in Riverside, CA.
I was there with an Israeli guy I’ve just met & he urged me to go up & sing along with him. The chosen song was Sagi’s “It wasn’t me”. I told him I know the song but I don’t know the lyrics. He told me not to worry that the words are up on the screen. He forgot to tell me he didn’t know the words either.
So, there we were, both on stage making totally fools out of ourselves in front of 50 people including innocent families & really nice elder which their only fault was being at the wrong place in the wrong time.
However, I got off stage filled up with more confidence than ever & that really made me feel great.
We drank our beers and secretly buzzed off.

P.S. – Everyone else sang so professionally!
PS2 :P – 0 Drinks were needed for the making of them stunts.
PS3 – (Dave would have been really proud…)



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