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Starting today, 43 Things users can export their goals and entries from the site. Starting August 15, we will make the site “read only”. 43 Things users will still be able to view the site and export their content, but we won’t be taking any new content from users. We hope to leave the site up for folks to see and download their content until the end of the year. Ending on New Year’s Eve takes us full circle.

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viobio starts and ends the day with Hope!

take more risks (read all 3 entries…)
Wanting to not feel fear

Sometimes, things just flow. And I don’t even notice that there are risks to what I’m doing. That’s what I want.

To Fear:

“Hello, Mr. Fear! There you are! You and I are one. I embrace and comfort you. There, there. It will be ok, shhhhh. [Swaddling.] OK, I am dropping you off at the pool. Fly away, little guy. What brought about this fear? Past misunderstandings. Well, I can avoid the fear sneaking in by keeping myself busy with the habit of getting on a roll at work before surfing.”


Bigmighty When you’re going through hell, keep going.

You can't "drop 'him' off"

Not only you can’t send fear or ignore it, fear is and should ALWAYS be with you. Fear will keep you safe. Fear will make your life interesting.
I say, embrace Fear, bring it along with you. Look it in the eye, understand it and then but it behind you and move on. Let Reason lead the way. :-)

viobio starts and ends the day with Hope!

embracing fear

Thank you for another helpful image. I had just realized that procrastination is based on fear too (fear of failure, fear of tedium, etc). I hug the fear. It is keeping me safe from failure and tedium. I can avoid failure though, ironically, by stopping the procrastination, even though Fear doesn’t want me to.

Fear, let me now introduce you to your new pal, Good Enough. His shirt is buttoned wrong but he still has a dazzling following. He will explain how doing a little bit of the project is more likely to result in success than not doing it at all because of fear. Ahh.

HippieChick2 ♥ Part Deux ♥ Will never forget her time on 43 ♥♥♥

Procrastination is most assuredly based on fear

The biggest problems that I am facing in my life right now began with procrastination that was fear based. They are looming before me right now . . . procrastination is no longer an option, but the fear is there . . . right there. I have nothing left to do but face it head on.

Bigmighty When you’re going through hell, keep going.

Complicating metaphores

I think I see where you are coming from, although I do not fully agree.
First Fear: I think you have to have it to feel alive and challenged and to keep you safe.
Failure: is a most! If you don’t fail you don’t learn. If there isn’t a possibility of failure there is no chance of success. If you can’t fail, what is the point of even doing it?
Procrastination: I guess it can be at times fear of failure, but I think it is mostly laziness or lack of commitment or motivation.
You have to take risks, with the inherent opportunity for failure and the presence of fear to truly accomplish something.
Also, I wouldn’t externalize it: fear should be in you … it is part of you. Any failures: own them, as you would any successes.
Now go out there and conquer the world. :-) ... if you fail, try again.

viobio starts and ends the day with Hope!

taking work risks without risking kindness to self

Yes, maybe these metaphors are muddling reality. It is true that fear is within me. But it also seems true that it is not part of the real, inherently-good me; it is just the protective shield between me and the world. The real me is motivated and energized and ready to follow through, as soon as fear lets me.

Protection. It is necessary to fear sticking my hand in the fire. It is not useful or fun to have the same automatic panic reaction to an Excel file!

Laziness is a quality I fear! I don’t find it useful/protective in the long run to label myself that way. Obviously, though, I am judging myself as lazy.

So, actually, thanks to this chance to think this through, I am coming to realize that what I fear is that I am intrinsically lazy (as judged by my recent lack of productivity). Maybe it is not fear that I need to embrace or distract. Maybe I need to embrace or distract the self-judging part of myself! Then I can go act non-lazy. Possible ways this could work:

-I believe I am intrinsically not lazy (maybe by remembering small ways in which I am not lazy or past times.)
-I embrace my past laziness (?) and own the resulting failure and learn from it.
-I embrace the judgmental part of me (which is right, in a way).
-I ignore the judgmental voice just long enough to achieve a small goal that proves I can act not lazy.

Because of the rewards, I can choose to risk acting not lazy, whether or not I am.
Being and acting are different. I can fake it till I make it. I can act productive (boosting my confidence) until I eventually am.

Bigmighty When you’re going through hell, keep going.


:-) ... you left my head spinning.

All I am saying is that fear is good. Fear is integral to the definition of risk. If you are taking a risk, is because there is a likely chance of failure and I believe that EVERYONE is afraid of failure. But without failure there is no success or learning.
If you are being “lazy” about taking risks, I believe you lack motivation. I don’t think you have too much fear, just no reason or desire to take a risk.
If you are talking about work: you might have no motivation to do anything more than what you have to. If so, you are stuck. Now you either need to find a reason to do well or you need to find a new job, one that inspires you and makes you want to excel.
Back to the metaphors: you don’t bake a cake just to, you do it because you want to make something delicious for you or someone else. Could you screw it up? Yes. It might not be delicious, you could burn it, you could completely mess it up. You know that, but you don’t care because you have a goal.
The only justification for taking risks is the motivation of the reward. Not taking a risk because the reward is not worth it is not fear or laziness, it’s just smart.
Sounds like you don’t need to overcome fear or laziness to take more risks; you just need the motivation to do so. Hope you find it.


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