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Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

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Stress less plan

Another plan to reduce work stress was devised yesterday.

The next step to reduce stress at work is reduce the feeling that im in a non-stop emergency I get all the time.

It’s a constant barrage of urgent – or even more urgent – emails interrupting my work and “do you have a minute I need that information now” calls.

So, I decided to close my email programm. And only open it when I need some information for work. I set two reminders to check and answer email, so I won’t forget about if (as if!).

And no, I don’t have a minute, but I can set up an appointment to answer all your questions later.

Let’s see how that works. I hope it gets me out of this feeling I’m living in a constant train wreck and get some peace back into my workday.


That is a wonderful plan!

I hope it works well.

Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

So far it’s going great.

I hope that it keeps on working – I’ve had it with all those urgent emergencies :)

viobio is accessing the underlying truths (until reaching sparkly happy!).

I’m curious about this one.

Sometimes I think taking a minute to answer a question now will save me time later (which is why I hate letting my phone go to voice mail). But then I know interruptions make it hard to get any real brain work done.

Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

I didn’t follow through with the email plan – I do check it less often, but still too often.
The “do you have a minute” calls are still happening all the time, but I’m getting better there – it’s often hard to distinguish the quick call for an answer and the ones surprising you with 25 questions and demanding answers now :)

viobio is accessing the underlying truths (until reaching sparkly happy!).

good reminder for myself to focus

I just went to a productivity training based on Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. They suggest the exact same thing. Make it difficult to check your email, so that extra moment will make you stop to consider if it’s necessary. Do the important brain-intensive tasks in the morning when you are fresh. Check emails in the afternoon.

I even asked about the efficiency of answering questions now rather than putting them off. The trainer pointed out that answering unimportant questions now may get that task done quicker, but it’s not the right task! And you are training your colleagues that it’s ok to interrupt you. If you ask them to make an appointment later, they may realize the question wasn’t even that important to them.
And I may have gotten habituated to the interruptions and emergencies so I am finding them everywhere, confusing being busy or jumping around with being productive.

I have to remind myself that “focus to completion” on the high-priority tasks is important to keep myself from getting burnt out on the little things and frustrated that the big things aren’t done.

Spatz .☆.☆.What a wonderful life.☆.☆.

What a great reminder!

Your message came just at the right time – I’ve again fallen trap to being busy and in constant emergency mode!
Thank you and on I go to implement my own plan again :)

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