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Nothing To Regret

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Okay so…...In my past(my black abyss) everything spyraled out,I hated my life,me and everything that I did/do.(I still hate those listed things)
From 2005-2013 my life has been hell without my step dad around.(I love him like he’s my real dad <3)He has taught me everything I know and I miss him but since my mum and my biological dad rejoined eachother I my life has become more deep and I hate my real father.

I feel regret against alot like my 6 attempts to suicide,my step dad not being here anymore,falling for the wrong guy over the internet,knowing my real dad,being born etc.

I just feel stuck and affraid and lost but it’s life.But what’s the point of living if there is nothing to live for?



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That sounds like such a tough situation!

Going forward, how are you doing with this goal? That is, is there anything today (or this hour or this minute) that you don’t regret? That seems like a win.

If you are open to answers to your question… it seems to be that what you have to live for is the hope that these things are eventually possible:
  • changing your regret of the past (maybe by appreciating/emulating your step dad or the lessons you learned and how that all strengthened/changed you)
  • developing optimism that you will not regret current choices. Certainly, you won’t regret all of them. I’ve found that optimism is partly about avoid using absolute words like the word “nothing” in this goal. Maybe change the goal to something specific and positive like “do and record one comforting/joyful/satisfying thing every week.”
  • giving yourself what you are missing due to the changing circumstances. For example, if your step dad gave you connection, find other healthy ways to get connection. If he gave you a role model, look for one tiny way your dad or mom is also a role model. Is there a reason you can’t be in contact occasionally with your step dad?

Sometimes it helps me to think that “this too shall pass.”

Hope you are ok and find any help you need!

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