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mimic_w creation pur sang

gain weight
I'm eating more

Eating more fatty foods. I love sweet things, but I never eat candy, and I also never buy it. Sometimes, very scarcely, I buy a bar of chocolate. The white one. I love it.


clearthinker Bring on 2014 full of fun, love and friendships.

gaining weight

Years ago I was too thin. My friend worked at an ice cream place and I went up there every day to eat ice cream. I put on the weight finally. Milkshakes will do it each time.
Now I want to lose it. It is hard. Just enjoy being thin while it lasts.

How does it make you feel? I mean do you feel better when eating fatty foods?

mimic_w creation pur sang


I’m a slim build, so if I want to increase my weight I need to add the fat to my diet. Regardless of how I feel. I think it makes me happier gaining the weight. I’ve gained about 5Kg now.

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