Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

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Today I’m grateful for
  1. Being out of the rat race
  2. Freedom to indulge in my many interests
  3. Freedom to explore and understand my peculiar self
  4. Having bumped into a friend who would have otherwise not made contact
  5. Another day of life to sort myself out before it’s too late.
  6. Sun, Sun, Sun!!!
  7. 2nd day of phototherapy and already I can feel results!


sankirk working

hope this went well

Sounds like a sweet life for now. Good!

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

"For now"

How did you know? Yes, I’m on borrowed time, so pretty soon I’ll be back in the rat race unless things fall into place before the end of the year -according to my guesstimations…

sankirk working

here's to things falling into place

still… enjoy for now. You look wonderful in your picture.

Rudiano Bambino The sequel. (he's back)

Thanks Sankirk...

But I must confess I don’t look like that in reality… this is more me…. Corrr I’m such a wind up! :P

(This comment was deleted.)

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