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teachocolateandbooks aka winebreadandiPad

get rid of all my clutter (read all 41 entries…)
Snail pace

As always, very slow progress. Just started scanning ephemera I collected over the years. I like product design, graphics, typography, etc., so I picked up a lot and didn’t have a plan for it. I’ll set up a digital scrapbook and decide whether to bin the actual paper or not.

Broke a few glasses. Accidental uncluttering.

I’ve got a growing stockpile of things that can be given away, but with no clear plan for how to do that as we don’t have a good donation system here.

Preparing another box of books to send off for scanning.


gottawonder Loves her tortoise!

There must be a thrift store

somewhere near you. Usually it’s as easy as pie, you just drive up with your clean, usable items, and they have a drop-off area,

teachocolateandbooks aka winebreadandiPad

I envy your system!

It’s a bit different over here sadly. I keep hearing about dropping things off at Goodwill, I wish something like that would kick off! (I’m in Japan)

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