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hhannah is in need of inspiration

go deep sea fishing (read all 5 entries…)
Cod Jigging off the coast of NFLD...this was maybe

not quite deep sea fishing, however it did require a bigger rod and reel and Lure…holy crap that was the biggest lure Ive seen so far. The Cod were about 5 lbs each Rock Cod and regular Cod. They put up a very good fight and both my son and I caught many but only took three back that night with us where friends took us back to their fishing stage…(stage I learned is the little shed on the water where they can cut, salt, hang, do what ever with the fish and keep their fishing gear year round) so at the fishing stage it was fileted and R cooked it up amazingly for dinner. This goal stays as iM still game to get out and truly fish with BIG downriggers or nets. Wouldn’t it be cool to have my own fishing and cooking show??? Really ??? I think so! Goal still on list…waiting for my bigger fish.


Tarrador Resistance just makes me hard

We've had...

“farm to table” shows, why not a “ocean to table” show, too? Great idea!

hhannah is in need of inspiration

cool I got a supporter!

Fishing the world with Hannah! well maybe a cooler name…is there a fish that rhymes with Hannah or a lure or fishing technique? I once fed some fish in Cuba a banana…they loved it…kinda weird, but then again my grandma used to bait my hook with raw bacon and we would catch Bass! you never know!

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