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Jolly_Chika learning to enjoy the burn and pain of hard work!

Create a budget (read all 4 entries…)
getting strict

So after going through all my bills I realize how much money I waste eating out so often, buying clothes more precisely shoes I do not need! and just other stupid things. Since I discussed why I am saving money with my mom I don’t have to pay rent anymore! Yay rent free for a year, I will only be chipping in for the bills I guess.
So 260$ for car insurance, 80$ for phone bill, 150$ spending money bi-weekly (including gas), plus whatever I can spare to pay off my visa ASAP.

I’m going back to the old school and using the jar/ zip lock bag system.
Once I’m out of cash… Well I can’t have. Period.
I by some miracle I do not spend all of it. Then the rest will be carried forward to the following week.

If have to money this year and seriously change my ways. Or how could I afford uni???


HEHinze Currently hiding under revision papers

I recently created a budget, and believe me, it’s AWESOME. There’s a soundness of mind knowing how much money you have to spend and where it’s all going. :)

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