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fairevrai updating my progress on my goals

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My new baby

I bought myself an early birthday present: she’s so beautiful! Italian leather and nice thick pages… I trust her with all my passions and secrets.


Dragon_Lady Loving that 43 Things encourages me to accomplish more in my life!

What a gorgeous journal!

I love beautiful journals and such; however I often find that I never get around to writing in them because part of me feels that whatever I put in them won’t be worthy of their beauty.

Also my bit of OCD wants them to be all balanced, prettily written, only final drawings (no sketches), etc.

So, for now, I stick to digital journalling as it means that I can rearrange it to my heart’s content…

starsoverglasgow is creating her list of goals!

I love your journal – hope you have many happy nights writing all your secrets, hopes and dreams into it :)

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