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The way To Realize Greater Conversions Applying The Power of Consistency In Your Internet marketing
Evade The Marketing Slip-up of Inconsistency In Your Business online

Let’s take a look at an example of this involving the very common squeeze page situation so many of us are familiar with. As you realize, online businesses send traffic to a squeeze page simply because they want prospects. One common experience is to be delivered to a site after typing in our contact information. Naturally what is delivered after the person subscribes is the promoters decision. The concept and practice of consistency will come into play here in a quite significant way.

The characteristics here concern the layout, design components and colors of the squeeze page and the site that appears after that in the browser. If the contrast is sufficient, then that is inconsistency and will create an uneasy affect on the audience. As you may currently guessed, if you model the squeeze page so it is much more congruent with the next site, then that discomfort will not happen.

Let’s look at something that a lot of affiliate marketers deal with. We are talking about the usage of review websites and offering links to different merchant sales letters. It is just not practicable, or wanted really, to make a duplicate of a vendors site or contend with the case of multiple vendor sites. Nevertheless you can develop your review site in neutral terms that function to blend well with different sites. The main issue is to never bring about a huge contrast because your site is drastically different from anything else. Of course this does bring certain subjectivity into the situation. So the best tactic is to at a minimum try to reduce the contrast as much as possible.

The following critical consideration is all about promotion messages via the written word. We do realize that most businesses tend to be consistent in the way they talk, or write, to their target viewers. In contrast, we have seen many circumstances in which products and services were marketed that appeared way out of place and unexpected. This does not seem to be as much of a difficulty as design clashes, in our somewhat wide experience. But even now, we do see it at least a couple of times a week, and so that only means there is a lack of awareness of the need to have consistency in all of our advertising funnels. Source: advocare 24 day challenge



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