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xturnitup is chillin like a villian

stop picking my skin (read all 85 entries…)
An experiment

I’m trying something new, since I mostly only pick on my face now and since I only pick when I’m at home, I’m going to put honey on my face anytime I’m home. Not only does honey help with acne and smooth out your skin, but it’s super hard to pick when you have honey on your face. I’m going to try this for 10 days and see how much my skin improves. Maybe after these 10 days with this barrier on my face, I’ll be able to not pick by myself. Or maybe not, it’s an experiment. Yesterday I went a day pick free, so 9 more days.


Krissy Tuffield-King is trying to "try harder"

Thats awesome, good luck darlin! :D Definitely let us know how it goes

xturnitup is chillin like a villian

thanks :) will do!

EXPfedup help

I too have read about and seen the benefits of honey! If you’re able to walk around your place with honey on your face (poet haha), that is such a great idea. Even if you looked in the mirror you wouldn’t be able to see your skin clearly because of it, therefore you probably wouldn’t be tempted to pick.

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