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stop picking my skin (read all 44 entries…)
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oh dear lordy. I made it thirty whole days without any serious picking. then comes my period and I got insanely jealous of a fellow female comic who got a better review than I did and I let it get to me. and. lo and behold a wee pick fest that lasted about half an hour.
I’ve put aloe vera on the inflamed areas but I still feel guilty about it. Its like I have to do a performance tomorrow and this is the worst thing I could do to damage my confidence before a show…
anyway, I’m going to try to build myself up the whole of tomorrow, make sure I look as nice as I can and perform to the best of my abilities.
I just need to be super careful when I start feeling down on myself. That’s one of the big triggers!
and I just need to cover the bathroom mirror or turn off the bathroom light. always.
:/ fingers crossed this won’t happen too often in the future.


Eliza Marie is feeling great!

You should congratulate yourself on making it 30 days! That is amazing! One little step back is not something to beat yourself up over.

I am proud of your 30 day streak! Here is to another 30 days!

EXPfedup help

The last couple of times the longest I’ve gone has also been about 30 days and it is a great feat! However, I know that the longer you go, the harder it is when you have a set-back, so I hope you’re not too down on yourself and keep trying. Furthermore, I think it’s noteworthy that you’re not just sitting around wishing you’d stop picking, you identified your trigger this time and that will help you try and avoid falling into it in the future, that’s a major step!

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