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I drove when I was only 2

Okay, not really. I was having visitation day with my dad. Every visit, he would take me to McDonald’s, which was a big deal. We were incredibly poor, and a happy meal was the equivalent of a diamond as big as your fist. When we’d get in the car to leave, he’d let me sit on his lap and have my hands on the wheel while he was the one who let it coast down the driveway. Then it was the car seat for me.

Not sure if this is really all that interesting, but I truly believed I was driving those few times. And some people think the fact that I remember things from age 2 is interesting in itself so I thought i’d share.


Eliza Marie is feeling great!

I find it interesting! I think it’s great to have such vivid memories when you were that young. I don’t remember much when I was that young. I can’t recall anything under the age of 5 or 6ish, but I have pictures that I can help jog the memory.

Anyway, it was such a more simple time then when it was okay to do those kind of things. Now a days it would be way too dangerous to do this.

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