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•≫Aemorniel≪• is studying, procrastinating, studying, procrastinating...

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Another song

I haven’t been on 43 in… well, it feels like forever! Anyway, here’s my latest SoundCloud contribution; Landslide

Attempting to sing a bit louder on this one. Hopefully it’s bearable to listen to despite some noise here and there (this computer isn’t quite equipped for recording music on).

I’m a bit bummed that the studio thing fell through (since the whole move fell through), and I’m still in desperate need (or, well, want) of a soundproof place to rehearse. But I can’t really afford anything right now so I’m still just singing at home, trying to not think too much about the neighbours hearing it. It’s going better and better, I care less and less. Would still love to have a place where I can really go nuts though. Some day…



Your voice is so. ... soothful and pretty. .-. I think though that, to make it less, like, it seemed to soothful. When she says ‘I’m getting older” make it more bold. Just my opinion. Still good though.

•≫Aemorniel≪• is studying, procrastinating, studying, procrastinating...


Thanks for your thoughts (and compliments)! I get what you mean, and I agree that some boldness would be good. I’ll keep working on that. :)

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