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johnest Is no longer on here.

be a good father (read all 9 entries…)
Time out
I only have two class days left until I’m out forever. At which time I want to redouble my efforts at mastering this goal. My last possible day for all projects to be turned in is Dec. 6th and then I’m free! I should be working on said projects now and the entirity of Thanksgiving break but I wanted to jot down the few ideas I have in this category before they leave and I forget them:
  • wake up by at least 6-7a.m. when my son does and take him from my wife so she can sleep in for the rest of her FMLA leave Dec.31st
  • institute a regimen of daily exercise and meditation for my wife and me wherein we trade watching Z while we do these
  • stop watching TV as a habit and take that time for the aforementioned practices as well as all types of other fun family things in the winter evening hours
  • start working doubly hard on the house, inside and out, to get it to an acceptable level of comfort
  • finish school strong so that it’s all over and done and can’t hurt me any more
  • look for any/all work so that I can make enough money not to feel guilty and offset the cost of the HI trip that I am being coerced into
  • study cars and car buying like it is a class and just know what to say and do when we start car shopping in Feb.
  • don’t take naps when possible and try to go to bed early w/ Z
  • learn to take care of Z to the utmost


gottawonder Loves her tortoise!

This is so positive.

It’s great how you’ve made sub-goals, so that it is easier to know when you are accomplishing something.

Bravo for being aware that television can become such a habit, and that we don’t even always watch it for enjoyment. We just end up staring at it because we’ve forgotten our options.

I think you are being a great parent and partner just for being so aware of things.

Tarrador Resistance just makes me hard

Double cheers...

if I had them on your list of goals. I am going to adopt some of them as well, or at least tailor them to my own home regimen.

Good luck and strong energy as you move forward to embrace these goals.

BTW, who has to be coerced to go to Hawaii? Just wondering…

Avittorio My heart is open. Come in.


in the winter? The trip will be a nice way to celebrate your graduation. I’m all J. gotta baptize Zeke in the hawaiian waters.

johnest has gotten 11 cheers on this entry.


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