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doing better recently and it's time to acknowledge it

I’ve been doing a lot better recently about managing my skin-picking. I think I’ve mostly been in control for the past 2 months. And these last two months have been very stressful.
I picked at a few things today but I don’t think I was in the bathroom for more than 10-15 minutes, which I’m taking as a positive.
I feel I could do even better than this if I just focus on being mindful about my triggers (touching my face, zooming in on mirrors).
I’ve looked at my diary entries and an overwhelming majority of them have been negative, only documenting the frustration and failures…
I think it’s time to start acknowledging and writing about some victories, and I can safely say I haven’t had any intensive skin-picking (the sessions that can last for an hour or more, and afterwards you feel horrible) for a while now.


EXPfedup help

I focus on the negative times to remind myself that I want to avoid that feeling, the frustration, shame and agony after I’ve picked badly. However, it’s smart to document when you’ve managed to be good to your skin as well because (at least in my perspective) it also helps remind you that it’s possible to achieve.

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