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hannahiphop just do it.

stop picking my skin (read all 88 entries…)
Ah where are you guys.

Had a really bad night. Feeling discouraged. I need help. (I feel like I’ve been saying this for eight years. I don’t know how to help myself.)


it’s so hard to break this habit, but remember that progress is incremental, it doesn’t happen over night. so if you had one bad night, obviously you’re going to focus on that and it’ll make you feel even worse, like you’ve messed up—but try to think of all the times when you didn’t pick along side that as well.
I guess what might help is thinking of triggers for when you pick—like for me it’s when I relive painful memories or when I start touching my face, and once you become conscious of those it makes it easier to control or avoid the skin-picking. But try to stay positive for now and be good to yourself! :)

hannahiphop just do it.

Thank you :) sometimes a little encouragement is the most helpful thing.


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