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SeekingIntrepidity Doing homework

stop procrastinating
The need to escape sloth's grasp

Throughout my life I’ve struggled to maintain an efficient schedule, a schedule that would not be forgotten nor ignored within the week. I promised myself that I’d wake up and face reality this year. Turns out the year 2013 is already coming to an end, and I still seldom listen to my inner conscience ordering me to get up. What do you recommend to break free from this habit of lounging around in my room? Can this curse be broken solely by motivation?


hahaha I love Pusheen

SeekingIntrepidity Doing homework

:) I feel ya! Pusheen is soooo cute!

My boyfriend got me the book on the cat…so funny I was cracking up in Barnes and Noble. People probably thought I was nuts.

SeekingIntrepidity Doing homework

Lol!!! It happens!:)

I don’t believe so. At least not by itself.

Haha cute...

If by ‘room’ you mean bedroom/dorm room (I’m assuming your young and a student by that?) you need to find another location to work. If there’s nowhere else in your house, go to public library at quiet times of the day, as much as you may not want to (try and find one as close to home as possible so you’ll be less reluctant to go knowing you can quickly go home again for lunch or whatever. I absolutely cannot work in my room to save my life but I feel stupid enough procrastinating in public to actually get some work done. And there isn’t much distracting or very stimulating at the library, my brain just seems to recognize it as a work space.

I also find I’m more motivated to stick to a schedule if I get up and going early, morning exercise is particularly helpful too because it gives me so much energy for the rest of the day. And I don’t mean a stroll (although thats better than nothing), I mean a short 30-60 min burst of intense exercise.

Also I recommend increasing your to-do list/workload gradually (don’t commit to more hours than you know realistically that you’ll do, for now) and make sure when you schedule blocks of time to work you have small, easy to achieve concrete goals such as ‘complete ….. section of ….. project before lunchtime’ not ‘work on projects’. Writing a plan and ticking off each part of the list is so much better than diving mindlessly into a big task.

Hope that helps!

SeekingIntrepidity Doing homework

Thank you very much!! I’ll definitely try out these tips!!:)

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