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18: Five More Days

I am up over 600 entries for this goal. I am grateful for it and the process. Once I reach the last entry (zero) I’m closing this down and moving to another goal for the time being… but the sad part is I wouldn’t then see everyone else’s grats. That is not something I want so I have to figure out what is going to be most important to me and my growth. Mmmmmmm Most of the cheers and comments I give out are through this list. I think doing bootcamp might be helpful and a good replacement. I can always come back to this goal.

I guess I have a bunch of 43T thinking to do.

1) that my car just keeps on going
2) that the grandpa is willing to help with the dental work for #1
3) that I have friendships with others little ones
4) that my back doesn’t hurt so bad today
5) that I ate a full healthy meal


chester1955 What I KNOW about me is more important than what you think about me.

Don't leave us :-(

Hi there loveinthecure,
What can I say? It is a fact that people who keep a gratitude journal are more positive, more healthy, more loving, more giving, more alive…
Here’s a thought… on the ‘Your 8 Things’ page of 43Things, the list is not referred to as Your Goals but “Your Life List”. Gratitude isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living and there are 895 people who will all miss sharing your positivity, your wonderful life, if you leave….and I will be one of them.

loveinthecure FOCUS - I AM FOCUS. I LOVE FOCUS.


for our kind words Chester and the reminder that gratitudes are important – in fact they are so important to me currently they are a large part of the type of method I’m using to keep me health – infinite love & gratitude. That is pretty powerful for me to keep a gratitude habit.

A habit for sure.

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