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2. My art and craft supplies

This I personally feel is a fun one. I have an incredibly amount of arty/crafty supplies and tools, and I very rarely use most of them. I have them all as I have worked on many different projects over the last 5 years, and I sort of hoarded things and only used them for one project!

I’m going to go through all of my boxes, throwing away products that I don’t use, or can’t think of any use for. If there is a product I don’t want to get rid of, I have to find a valid project in which to use it, and if I haven’t started (or finished) the project within 6 months, it needs to be discarded.

This is most fun for me, because it also means I can update the products I do intend and want to use a lot more. I’m currently really enjoying water colours painting on canvas, (a little unconventional but beautiful all the same) and I need a set of high quality tube water colour paints, and some high quality paint brushes too.

Very excited to start this one!


baileys_truffle sitting in my cocoon growing my wings.


I can totally relate to this… I’m arty and creative but amongst all my supplies I also have pastels and paints I know I’ll never use yet can’t seem to part with, you know… just in case inspiration hits! :D

That’s exactly what I’m like, I keep hold of all my crafty things even though having them and not doing anything with them stresses me out a lot! I’ve sort of done this one, and made a list of the new things I need (read: want). It was pretty hard to throw some of it out, but I’ve made a pact with myself that if inspiration does hit and I don’t have them, I can purchase some more AS LONG as I can guarantee I’m really going to use them haha!

baileys_truffle sitting in my cocoon growing my wings.

That’s actually a good idea… think I ought to do the same. I hereby vow to start a project within 1 week of buying whatever art stuff I simply couldn’t do without! ;)

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