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be a good daughter
Always Trying But There are Certain Issues Interfering

It’s my ever frustration to be a good daughter to my parents. Our father died 3years ago and now I’m living with my mom. And so my goal, is to be a good daughter for my mom.

But certain issues about her that sometimes makes me think that she doesn’t love me that much, (she’s always busy on gambling – playing mahjong at the age of 78). All I ever wanted is for her to be on great shape since she’s getting old. I see nothing wrong with her hubby (mahjong) but to think that sometimes she gets home late like 12mn, worst sometimes 1am. And it’s not healthy.



Changed your mother,With your love.

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mahjiong is not a bad thing

In my opinion, mahjiong can keep our brain active, the only thing is try to control the time. As a 78 woman, have something she willing to do it better than none.

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