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Greifensee 2012

I was planning to run the Munich 21K in June 2011, was three weeks from the race and on the best shape of my life when the positive pregnancy test wrecked my plan. So, onto the next goal: Greifensee 21k on September 2012, 7 months after giving birth.

I started training as soon as my doctor gave me the ok, 12 weeks postpartum, giving me enough of a buffer to complete the 3 month Hal Higdon’s novice guide. I followed Higdon’s guide religiously, especially the distance of the long runs, and swear by it: though long distances (or atleticism of any kind) are not exactly my strength, I was able to finish without injuries or tremendous pain. In fact, I had sore muscles for only one day after race, a better recovery than in any of my 10 Ks!

My time, 2:30, wasn’t tremendous, but I’ll leave the competitive mentality for the next one. Why yes, I’d like to do it again! I loved the feeling of accomplishment after finishing it, and most of all, I loved the training: the long Sunday runs, after about 8K, turned into the best meditative experience I’ve ever felt.
The only downside is how much time it takes to train: at least 4 instances of cardio a week, including a 1h+ on Sundays, not exactly compatible with my busy working mom life. Perhaps I’ll wait until my next maternity leave? :)


Congrats..what an accomplishment !

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2:30 might not be the best, but those were Your miles, and you did it! Congrats!

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