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Thing 35 out of 100 things challenge (on a Snow Day)

Today is another Snow Day! During Xmas vacation I started the 100 things challenge and I’ve only gotten to thing 35. I’d like to work on getting better organized today, so I don’t waste my entire day. I have to look around and find some more things to get rid of. What do I want to part with? Are there any book that I don’t want anymore? Can I go through my taxes? I just need to go room by room and get rid of clutter. Bob has been bringing in some little odds and ends recently to make this house his own too. So I want to balance out our stuff by getting rid of some of the little junk that doesn’t really mean anything to me. Does it count if I just put it away rather than throw it away? Or do I have to donate or throw it into the garbage? Would it count if I stored it in the basement? Technically, I’m still keeping it…so I think I can’t count it as part of the 100 things, because it isn’t gone. I think if I take it to school I will count it, because it is out of the house – as long as it doesn’t come back.


I think it only counts if you actually throw away. Putting away is a little bit of a coup out!

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