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Beat my depression (read all 4 entries…)

i went to see the school ” psychologist ” abt suffering from depression for the past 6/7 years .. he told me to stop drinking so much .. i told him i need it to repress my issues, 1f we work them out, i can stop drinking otherwise i will just turn to someother outlet to suppress my depression/mental problems… i don’t think he understands that if i sstop drinking ( which isn’t that much) i will end killing myself just to SHUT MYSELF UP… .ehh .. such a waste of time it was .. i might see him on friday.. i am easily amused by people’s POV on me … idk .. im soo confused .. IM TURNING INTO AN ANTI-SOCIAL FREAK .. i don’t want to talk to anyone .. its like im shutting the world away n living in my own head .. i don’t know … i guess i need help .. but … i love where i am but i know its not healthy

yeaa i dont' think i made much SENSE .. ehhh


I know how you feel. Forget what he says, only you know how you feel. Drinking is a natural part of coping, I drank just to feel good and so the horrible feelings would go away. I struggled with the same thing for nearly 10 years and would be in tears a couple times a week for no reason. I wanted to die so much I would fantasize about it. If you run into a wall look to someone else. Life is so worth living. Get the help you need, it is out there! Persist! Good Luck!

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gigix4 trying to find myself.

i totally understand. i sometimes feel I’m an anti social freak because I have a hard time trying to say what i want to say. I’ve been suffering depression for five years now.But my doc told me that if i lose the weight I’ll start to feel good. WRONG. There is no cure for it, you just get over it slowly. I’m still trying day by day. eventually you find people that relate to you, or find a hobby (not drinking) like a sport you love and takes your mind off things. the amount of times I’ve wanted to die I cannot count. but hang in there you’ll be fine.

I am an antisocial freak myself, cant really hold good conversation and in some phases I even panic in social environments. I read people and the majority of people are twats. But the ones that arent twats are the ones who shock me and this brings myself back out. Perhaps this is a self defense thing; if the mind cannot stand other minds, it shuts the ones it cannot stand out.. and unfortunately that might be the majority of people.

Iv been amidst the want and the numb not wanting of killing myself. I dont think my problems give me credence to feel that way. To commit suicide or think of it is to admit to yourself that you deserve relief. I can take far more pain than this…

Best of luck to you! If you don’t trust your doc, move on to anothr. Trust is such a huge part of the healing process. I’ve struggled with depression for 20 plus years. It wasn’t unill we addressed social anxiety that things started comingtogether. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy!! I hope the best for you!

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