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Thursday Night
  • Friends. All kinds of friends. Close, long-time friends who I love and who love me back. New friends who match bossiness with bossiness, more experienced friends who tell me that as stupid as I am now, it’ll pass and maybe I’ll be as cool and wise as she is someday. Friends who I don’t talk to as much lately, but who reach out with Rice Krispie messages and teasing. Friends who understand when you just need to hear a voice. And my best friend, my Nick, who can brighten my mood with just a wink from a mile away (ok, not actually a mile, just the distance from my loft office railing down to the living room couch. Haha)
  • Girl talk. I popped in on my friend, Jenna, this afternoon. Her little girl and my munchkins played quietly together while I helped Jenna wash just about every dish in her house, and we had a blast. When did we become adult enough that doing chores seems fun??? Haha
  • Looking like a bum. There are some days at the end of which it just feels perfect to pull my hair back in an old scrunchie, wear sweatpants and Nick’s hoodie, and put on my glasses over a mud mask. Not pretty, but terrifically comfortable. : )
  • I Love Lucy. The one where she gets a black eye leaves me in tears every single time. “THEY FOUND THE BODY!!” Haha, priceless.
  • My crazy kids. Bedtime seems to really fire Aary’s inquisitive mind. There are ALWAYS questions at bedtime. Tonight was, “Momma, will I get boobs?” Haha, and then when I told her that someday, yes, she would have boobs, Camron’s panicked, “But will I?!” Hahahaha. Nick had to leave, he was laughing too hard to be bedtime appropriate. : )


Josh ...and life just rolls on like a river.

I’m a gratitude! ;-)


one of those “two way streets” we were talking about, Bossman. Haha

Mindiesel It is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a sick society

Haha "Will I get boobs?!"




kids need to know these things! Haha

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