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Ruby and OO Thinking

What object-oriented programming does is to let us delegate most of the mundane and repetitive logical work to the data itself; it changes our concept of data from passive to active. Put another way,

  • We stop treating each piece of data as a box with an open lid that lets us reach in and throw things around.
  • We start treating each piece of data as a working machine with a closed lid and a few well-marked switches and dials.

What is described above as a “machine” may be very simple or complex on the inside; we can’t tell from the outside, and we don’t allow ourselves to open the machine up (except when we are absolutely sure something is wrong with its design), so we are required to do things like flip the switches and read the dials to interact with the data. Once the machine is built, we don’t want to have to think about how it operates.



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