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I do this.

How do you not do this? I don’t like my roommate because she never leaves. I can’t confront her about this. I have to just get over it. But why can’t she just leave? I don’t like to encourage her to be in the room. I don’t engage in much conversation with her. This is how I feel I am being passive aggressive. I just want her to leave. I sit here and I secretly judge her. She sits in bed all day. She complains about the stress in her life, even though there is none. She quits her job because she needs down days, even though everyday of her life is a down day.. She never goes to class.. Why is she in school? I feel ike my judging her creates the passive aggression, but, if she didn’t do these things and leave the room every once in a while I might not be judging her so much. Agh, agh ahg…


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