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that "crunchy" feeling

How about those moments when you think a person deserves a hug, but you’ve never hugged him/her before, so you kind of lean in but then chicken out? I hate them. Just hug the person, I tell myself later. You should have just hugged them. For pete’s sake, can you regret a hug?!


Living In God's Exquisite, Miraculous Sufficiency 2014 is My Year to FLOURISH! Thank you, Heavenly Papa!

Just Ask

I just ask that person if it’s alright to hug them. Sometimes they say, “No.” but that’s okay, too.

Does this include

hugging giraffes and rhinoceroses?

I would surely

...hug a giraffe, but not a rhinocerous. I doubt I’d live to hug anything or anyone else if I tried to hug a rhinocerous.

Giraffes are very tall, though.

Aren’t you afraid that they might not see you and accidentally step on you?

This one was seen in our yard… I don’t think he even saw me!

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