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reality or dream

you live happily with your partner and children. one day, you fall into a coma. thus begin a two month long dream. in your dream world, you meet and fall in love with the true love of your life. and because this is your dream, your true love is perfect for you in every conceivable way. because this is your dream, your true love and you understand each other and love each other in ways that are inconceivable in the real world. this is as close to heaven as it gets.

on the first day of the third month, you begin to hear a whisper. it is an awakening from the outside, the true world. your family beckons you. your body has healed and is ready to return.

what do you do?


Dennis Thompson is cold and tired most of the time

Do you take the blue pill or the red pill?

Like in the Matrix. i’d take the red pill.

Nothing beats reality

It’s where the truly new things happen.

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the dreamworld has its advantages, but I need the reality of the physical world is. I need body AND mind.

Wow, awesome question

For me, I’d have to discern not between reality and dreamworld, because who is to say that our way of perceving environments are actually ‘real’ at anytime. I’d focus more on the reality of my emotions, that is to say if I knew my love was real in either of the situations.

Although if I did become conscious of my ‘real’ family wanting me to return I’d sumbit to the obligation of them, only because its the moral thing to do (I had them first and they depend on me) not because I see them as real. And what if they pulled the plug 2 in another two months anyway?

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Christine is working hard.

Have something to look forward to when I die :D


I am a very idealistic person and hardly am the type to settle for less than dreamy sucky romance in the first place.

The dream probably wouldn’t make all too much difference form reality.

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