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Buster Benson I need more goals.

become a life coach (read all 4 entries…)
The Great Life Coaching Scam?

After a couple days of researching what exactly all of this life coaching stuff is about, it looks suspiciously like a giant pyramid scheme. Anyone can become a life coach, you make money, and also train new life coaches to begin the cycle anew. Searching Google there are more links to becoming a life coach than in getting one. The marketing for life coaches involves a lot of suspicious “Free Trials”, big promises about their ability to CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER, and slippery email gathering tricks. It’s all so cheesy and fake and reminds me of the kinds of marketing that saturates weight loss programs, scientology, and other insincere programs for fake self-improvement.

Which, just makes me think that there’s a market for a newer life coaching program from the future. For lost souls and people who are dead inside. So, for now I’m going to continue looking into this.


CG is not a gadget

I've got a lead for you

Let me tell you up front, I’m still not sure about this coaching thing myself. That said, my sister, who I love and trust with my life, is a coach. I don’t know if she would call herself a “life coach”. She’s maybe more of a “career coach”. Anyway, she’s totally cool and up-front about any skepticism you might have regarding coaching.

Here’s her site. And here’s her blog.

I’ll introduce you if you like, but feel free to contact her directly. She’s in Seattle.

(This comment was deleted.)

Buster Benson I need more goals.


I’ve written to your sister and she provided a wonderfully thorough and considerate response. I think we may be meeting up for coffee sometime soon… and she has already given me a ton of good leads for schools and approaches close by.

Way to shift your context, Buster!

Buster, I just have to say, between the first comment in March of 2006, to this comment, in April 2006, one month later, I’ve never seen such a shift in attitude!

That doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with having a poor opinion of something—people think lots of things about lots of things! But it takes a very open-minded, positive person to have such a dramatic change of heart so quickly.

So, as I write this in 2013, inquiring minds want to know—did you ever meet up for coffee? And, if you don’t mind sharing, I’m curious to know how it went and if it improved your opinion of life coaching, or getting coaching in general.

Take care, and thanks for sharing!

i met one once.

i was at a retreat type thing and the woman there, in addition to the running the retreat, said she was a life coach. She was pretty together, and didn’t seem to be the sort to fall for a scam, but maybe the type to run a scam.

Teach a Man To Fish.

Teach a Man To Fish.

I hope that you will gain a better idea of Coaching from this. I am a Coach and I know that when you hear about it at first it does not become very clear why you would need someone that just keeps asking you Questions, and not give you any advice. The nutshell idea is that people do already have most of the answers in them but they do not see them right away and they forget them as there life keeps on trucking along. Therefore, a Coach will help to ask powerful questions to get clear answers from the client. The client decides how they want to be accountable for the answers they create and the coach will speak to them next time and ask about those things then the client has to report their progress. This develops the ability to listen to there inside voice, and take steps to move forward. The fact that they are the creator of the answers makes them more likely to live the changes they make. This does go in cycles for some and the coach is really for helping the client to remember the things that are going right in a world that is usually so negative. The Coach may ask, “What are your Victories this week?” when the client starts to think about the things that are going right, solving the problems becomes easier.
Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, Teach a man to fish and feed him for life.
A big Difference from the world of Psychoanalysis Is the fact that there is no need to be broken, the Coach is working on people who are already whole, and want to generate better results, not serious mental illness.
If you want to know, more you can contact me at
On the other hand, visit my site but I am still building it.
Greg Matthews

Gregory W. Matthews

Buster Benson I need more goals.


Yes, I think life coaching is something that I’ve been interested in for a long time even though I haven’t been able to put a name to it before. I have always wanted a therapist but didn’t know what “problem” to present other than that I wanted to make life greater and more exciting. My problem is that I want life to be 10 times better than it is now, even though it is already pretty great. A lot of these ideas went into 43 Things… and actually one of the areas I’m most interested in is bringing life coaching to the web and seeing how the internet can help make people achieve their dreams. Have you run into anything like this in the life coaching industry as it exists today, or does it still exist mostly offline and in 1-on-1 settings (either over the phone or in person)? Thanks for the help Greg.

Emerging field

I know that the one on one with the phone is still regarded as the staple of the coaching field, but that makes interested in how to advance the industry ideas. The internet is a flood of websites that have a blurry idea of what coaching is. The meeting face to face I think is somewhat underrated, I think the ability to download msn messenger with a cheap webcam could really blow up the ability to enhance the communication, and enlarge group coaching abilities then also cutting cost on telephone bills.
I’m really more interested in creating a way that coaching could be both effective in helping people and cost effective, but the market still needs to grow. Coaching is sill somewhat unknown to the everyday person. Think if the term coach wasn’t so undefined, with a way to give people, a cost effective way to try it and the understanding of how long you need to stick with the coaching to really gain and achieve movement, and the need to refocus to keep things in focus as new things appear and goals are reached.

hi there! were you the one who went to school in pdx? i was wondering if i can get a review from you…

Suzi 'What the 'Eye' Sees the mind can aquire'

iv seen the website

thats how i was coached & on the phone as well.

Alas, Gregory, we hardly knew ye...

Hey, Gregory!

I know that you wrote this waaay back in 2006, and it’s now 2013 as I write this… I tried to visit your website and send you an email, both to no avail!

IF you ever get this (and I hope you do), please feel free to reach out to me and let’s connect!

I think that you can send me a message here through this website?

Thanks, and thanks for sharing!




Suzi 'What the 'Eye' Sees the mind can aquire'

; )

Im glad I found someone who agrees that its a scam …

I paid good money to train as a life coach or so I thought and same as you said I was to refer others but if I was unhappy with what I was being taught then how could I ?

Anyway lost a lota money no certificate to show for my experience not even a receipt Grrrrrrr !!!

On top of that if you do say anything you are made to feel petty and bitter lol which is expressed as if you need more coaching he! he! but no way will the company accept that they cheated you in the first place…

Still searching for that elusive certificate so I can practice …

Coaching: real or scam

I know the feeling. As a coach, I’ve had several coaches at many different times in my life. I’ve had really good coaches that really stretched me beyond myself and I’ve had coaches that just didn’t work for me (In fact, I ended up coaching some of them).

I was introduced to the world of coaching in 1998 when to my surprise; the company I was so proud to work for was being shut down by the federal government. I was sort of pushed into the world of coaching but started consulting in my already established field.

Now, my specialty is in helping people market themselves/skill, market their business and/or coach their marketing staff.

Overall, I know the coaching profession is a good choice and it does work for people. However, I am surprised to see so many coaching schools and institutes. I guess the world of coaching is on the rise.

where did you study?

Which course

Which school did you attend? So we don’t

Suzi 'What the 'Eye' Sees the mind can aquire'

I suggest...

You find a reputable organisation checked out by the authorities before you join anyone.

I wouldn’t like to mention the one who did me over because its not gonna stop them I’ve left it upon the universe to deal with it.

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

It's not the coaching thing, it's the rest

I am a Certified Life Coach. I truly want to help people this way. Where the scam came in for me was the organization I was with made out there were all these women in search of coaches around the world and that email requests would be split up to everyone, to share clients.

We were given the impression we were part of a bigger network.

Then when I finished training, the only newsletters were about more levels of training and that I could even train to teach others to be coaches. The training prices are high – the same as a college tuition – but at least there would be a higher chance of paid work at the end of college.

Rather than the emphasis from the organization being on helping us get clients, the emphasis was on recruiting more women into the program. Most of the graduate coaches were only coaching other coaches taking the training because it was a prerequisite of the course. Many of these women teaching other women to become coaches had never coached an outsider.

Once we reached a level, we were abandoned by the larger organization. There was no support or networking organized. We were expected to become entrepreneurs on our own and get our own clients.

Problem is there are no clients. Not many are really willing to pay for this kind of service. I had one paying client in 2 yrs.

The training in itself was useful and I use it personally in all kinds of situations (free). I also was helped by being coached personally, although it could have been stronger. Trying to make it a business and earn back your tuition is another matter.

(This comment was deleted.)
(This comment was deleted.)

Which course

Again, which course did you attend?

(This comment was deleted.)

It is a "powerful" scam

People become life coaches, because they havent been able to achieve anything on their own.
How many of them have finished a university with a degree in anything?
They become coaches because they are too lazy to finish school and don’t know how to operate a good business, but they think that they can teach you how to do it.
How successful are they with their own lives? How many successful businesses have they owned before?
Always the answer is none oder nothing.
How long have they been married oder in a relationship?
How many studied and earned a degree in pyscology or studied anything of human behaviorial sciences? Few oder none. But they think that they are experts on understanding human condition as though we are all the same and respond the same to input.
How many life coaches have helped so many people on their own, that as a life coach they have been able to buy a house? No, they have to start a network and charge you to join and learn, telling you that you can go and get customers. “Just make up your brochure and pass it out and the customers will come!” But the many customers for these life coaches dooesn’t come like they were told and so they start a program to get you to pay them to teach you to do what they could not do.
Even here, I notice that these coaches all like to use the word “powerful”. But they have very little power in achieving big goals in their own lives.
I met a woman who claimed to be a life coach.
She spoke of how she was “exactly where she wanted to be in life”. Then I found out that her rich boyfriend paid for everything and that she didn’t have a penny when he met her. Her children are poorly behaved and fight all the time.
She fought all the times with him and has a vicous temper.
But in front of us, she acts so sweet and spiritual because image is everything with her. It is the most important thing with her and I think with all of these life coaches.
She is only conerned about what people think of her and how much attention she gets. She knows exactly what to say to do this too.
This life coach lies to everyone about her accomplishments.
She claimed to be an author and she coached corporations. I found out that none is true.
Then she was found on a dating web site and Myspace, trying to cheat on her boyfriend by looking to make a “secret meeting”. And during this time she tried to get him to sign over his will and insurance documents to her.
When her boyfriend found out, he kicked her out. She then blackmailed him for money to stay in South Africa and now is starting a coaching program in there, telling people that they will be joining a growing network.
And because no corporation would hire her without a degree, she then lied about having earned her bachelors degree.
Very few people hire her so she started a school for coaching and is lying to everyone telling them they can help people out and make money. But they don’t know the truth about her. That stole money to stay in South Africa and that if she was in demand so then how would she have time to start her school where she charges a lot of rand to learn from her? None of her coaches are successful. She has plenty of time because she is not in demand.
If the network is growing, then doesn’t the number of customers for per person get smaller? She tells people to be responsible. But HOW responsible is a person when they lie to people and deceive them in this way?
Now this person, who lies to everyone, is collecting donations for a prison program. And the money is to be sent to her account before it goes to the prison.
Do you think that a person who has lied about their education, their background and their relationships is going to send all of the money that is donated for this program or do you think that they will create a reason to keep some of it?
Life coaching is a scam by people who can only talk but not achieve.

(This comment was deleted.)

Don't blame the coaching industry based on your bad experience

First off, I am not a coach. However, I have worked with the most AMAZING coach and I have paid lots, and lots of money for that privilege. And it was worth every penny.

As there are honest lawyers and dishonest ones; as there are honest plumbers and dishonest; as there are honest priests and dishonest; I’m sure you can find both honest and dishonest coaches.

The key here is not to generalize and slander the entire industry. Rather it is to do your homework first before hiring a coach. It’s just as easy to pick a hairstylist with no skill as a life coach with no skill. Always thoroughly check out the person you’re considering working with, get good references, and check their credentials. The coach I worked with not only has university degrees, he was a CEO of a large corporation in his early 30s and retired successfully from the business world to spend his time having a greater impact on developing leaders rather than growing his corporation. (see

My personal happiness, financial success, and relationships have all improved drastically because of the coaching of Steve Hardison.

As a final comment, coaching is NOT for everyone. It’s for those who are open to making changes in their lives, are willing to look at themselves critically, and are excited to work hard at achieving their wildest dreams. I have seen others who worked with different coaches and have gone from making $50,000/year to multi-millionaires within 5 years of starting to work with their coaches (who are more “affordable”). Coaching can work if you have the right coach and are willing to do what it takes to reap the benefits.


Suzi 'What the 'Eye' Sees the mind can aquire'

Well said...

Yes you are right there are good and bad in every industry …

‘Buyer beware’

coaching IS counselling

The reason you see a “life coach” is because you have a problem and you’re looking for solutions. The coach is going to help you solve that problem. Period. Is that counselling? Inevitably, yes. Life problems involve emotions and it’s those emotions that hold us back from whatever we want. Of course it’s a mild form of therapy. Coaching, counselling, it’s all just a game of semantics. .

These “coaches” really are practising therapy or counselling without a licence. Here’s why:

- We can all be very high functioning, but still have some emotional weak spots. So, when a friend, a stranger at a cafe, or a teacher gives us advice, we take it or leave it.
However, a “life coach” is standing on higher ground, much like a psychologist is-hey-this guy knows about the mind and motivation, right? We therefore tend to put much more weight into what he says and that is where the trouble starts! What if he’s wrong? You’re paying this guy because he supposedly knows something you don’t. So who are you going to second-guess? Yourself-instead of his methods.

Psychologists also do “coaching” but unlike “coaches”, they have studied human behaviour extensively. This is important.
FINDING OUT HOW TO PROCEED with any client is crucial, and this is done after assessments are made, a history is taken, etc. The difference is they are educated enough to be able to spot sensitive areas in a client and know when to proceed with caution, for example, or when not to push an idea.

Coaches are uneducated enough to miss factors that would hinder life changes-social, financial, biological-and typically just put pressure on the client to make often unrealistic changes, which causes the client to blame himself for his inability to make changes which then further inhibits any motivation.
Too often, what at first seems like a simple problem later turns out to be a bit more complex, and simplistic solutions don’t work for that.

If you want to know where coaches get all that simplistic positive energy crap, go to, then

Good luck!!

(This comment was deleted.)

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