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Work on Inside and Outside

I think women who are happy with themselves and kind and confident are beautiful. I also buy into American stereotypes, I admit it, and think women who take good care of their bodies, hair, skin and health are beautiful. I need work on both. I could stand to lose about 25 lbs, so I’m going to work on that first for my “outside” work, and I could definitely work on projecting kindness, so that’s what I’m going to work on first for the “inside”. I will also working on developing a sense of personal style, not worrying about what other people think, and taking impeccable care of my whole body, from my hair down to my toenails. But one thing at a time, I think. Hey, if I lose 25 lbs, I’ll have less surface area to work on! ha ha ha. So to begin this goal, I will exercise more and make better choices about what I eat, to facilitate weight loss, and make consciously kind choices and remember to SMILE.


That’s what I have to do everyday…remember to SMILE.

A friend of mine says that fat women are more cheerful and happy .Does it mean they are more beautiful?

Mmmm. . .good point

I know some “overweight” women who are totally happy and it shows. I think happy people are better looking than miserable people, fat or thin. But I would disagree with the blanket statement that fat women are more cheerful, I know too many heavy women who are miserable, hate their bodies, and are less beautiful because of it. So. . . do I accept my chubbiness, relish it and become beautiful through self-peace, self-love and self-confidence? Or do I lose a few pounds and become beautiful through being healthier, proud of an accomplishment, self-confidnece and a nicer ass? Or a bit of both? Loving my body for its accomplishments like running a 5K, or lifting a 50 lb 5 year old on my shoulders and walking around Legoland all day, perhaps dropping a dress size in the process? I’m not proud of the vanity, I recognize its foolishness, but recognizing it hasn’t yet made it go away, I’m afraid. Good point, you made me think!! Thank you!

FranRachel is living the life of a teacher!

inside out...

I just recently shed 25 pounds the opposite way, I decided to make my insides fit and lovely and the weight just came off…I found the better I feel about my insides, the more I take care to have my outsides match…just wanted to share…cheers to you!!

Thank you for sharing

Tell me more about your decision to change your insides first? Was it a conscious decision? What did you do to start?

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