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meet my prince charming (read all 5 entries…)
top 8 traits my prince charming must have!

1) He must have close ties to his parents or at least to his mom, because the way he treats his mom, is the way he will treat me.

2) Well-educated. Being well-educated doesn’t necessarily mean that he must have a phd or master degree (although much preferred!) but he must at least be well-read and articulated.

3) Good sense of humor. I don’t want to share my life with someone who is too serious or always melancholic. He should always be an optimist and see life as a challenge or big adventure.

4) Must have dreams and goals for himself and for our relationship. -Prince Charming should be career oriented and always be financially secured.

5) Hygienic. – He takes care of himself and is presentable in social gatherings. I like guys who smell good, have newly cut hairs and clean nails.

6) He must be proud of me! -He is proud to introduce me to his friends and relatives and finds me that I’m a beauty queen! hehe

7) 100% Loyalty – He only has eyes for me!

8) Caring person – He cares for me and frequently asks after my family’s being.

9) Tolerance and Respect towards others, irrespective of their social background or creed!!


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Is it not too much?

I mean I also would like too meet such person, but… When we talk about such princes do we stop and think for a while if we are such perfect too?
We all have some good traits some bad. We all are not perfect! Maybe you’ll find such person, but what if you’ll have nothing to offer for him? So I think we should be more lenient for others.
Would you like to be chosen as a partner by a list? To be checked if you fit each number in it? I guess no, so we shouldn’t put people in such frames.
I think when we talk about our ideal partners we shouldn’t mean one list of traits they should have and another for those they shouldn’t. The most important thing between two people is the relationship.

But that’s just myt oppinion :) Sorry about my english, I hope you’ll understand what I wanted to say :)

(This comment was deleted.)

Re finding prince charming and setting the standards

Thanks for your comment. You are right in saying that we should analyze ourselves first and even wonder if WE are the ones the prospective bf is looking for.
I know there’s no perfect guy in the world who can fully promise not to break our little hearts but I’m telling from experience that we always end up with setting standards and expectations.
Let me give you an example:
I dated a guy for three years who does not come from a very rich family and even kept it secret from me until I went to his house. I loved him for who he was and not what he had because I knew that someday he will make it to the top, because he used to be one of the brightest in his college.
When months passed, I learned that he came from a broken family, that his dad treated his mom not right and cheated on her with a girl who is as old as me now. The quarrels they had were pretty much like ours. So the vicious cycle keeps on rolling.
To sum it up, I learned his dark side and even tried with lenient conversations to fix our problem. Again I tolerated his weaknesses and tried to understand him, even convinced myself that maybe i was wrong, but what would you do if he doesn’t want to change and everything’s getting worse? Consciously or sub-consciously he is becoming a mirror of his dad and you have no more strength to fix your relationship. Don’t you think you would start saying like, What if I had a boyfriend who comes from a nice family, who knows what love and respect mean?
So many what ifs and in the end you would also set up a list of traits you wished your ex or bf should be like that…
What is important between two people is commitment and open conversation, omitting pride, anger, or lies.

I really understand you… For me it was like the other way…
I used to create such lists of traits my boyfriend should have, but… I had a boy, who seemed to be perfect! Really perfect. You know, he had ALL those traits you’ve mentioned above… we dated for 4 years. I was really happy with him. But one winter we were waiting for a bus in a bus stop. It was snowing and the street was very slippery. We saw how a man was running to a bus which has been already leaving the bus stop. The man was very old and he was running very heavily, so he sliped and felt on the ground. Each normal person would try to stop the bus or to help the man to stand up. But he… He was laughing…
This summer very similar situation happened again… We were sitting in a park and the girl with a bike was passing by us. Suddenly her bikes chain felt down and she stopped near us and tried to fix it… I asked him to go and help her because I knew he knows how to fix it. But the girl was standing and almost crying there for about 15min until another guy came and fixed the bike.
All that time I was sitting and thinking that I can’t spend all my life with this person…
All I wanted to say is that I’d better choose that guy who helpped the girl even if he hasn’t newly cut hairs or has bitten fingernails… So we should’t be such strict for others, because tiny flaws are better than such that can deaden all the advantages.
Now in my list is just one trait – he must be a good person. :)

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