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run a hot dog stand
My retirement plan

This is the best job going and here’s why:

1. ABC job (A*ll *Business in Cash). There’s plenty of ways to play with cash and coin that you can’t do with checks or credit cards (nudge nudge, wink wink).

2. The hours. Open at 11 and work until 3. If you want some extra scratch, open early and sell coffee.

3. Sales. Other than scoping out a prime piece of territory (a busy road with available parking), there is no marketing involved. Basically show up on time, sell a good dog and the people will find you.

4. Cost. Buying hot dogs in bulk is insanely cheap, roughly a dime a dog wholesale. Throw in a roll, napkin and condiments and you push your costs up a bit more (let’s say 50 cents for arguments sake, although it’s likely far cheaper). Even if you sell hot dogs for the modest cost of a dollar, you’re pulling down at least 50 cents profit from each sale.

See why I want to do this for a retirement plan?



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