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get divorced (read all 6 entries…)

Woo Hoo!

I am completely divorced now. I have made the last payment in the process and she is out of the house and I am liberated!

I had no preconceived notions of how I would feel and I feel wonderful. I was so caught up in the misery of the marriage I couldn’t imagine being happy again. It’s a great surprise.

I’ve redecorated my bedroom (did ya read that: MY bedroom) and I have new furniture, new paint, and I brought my computer out of the dungeon of my basement and into MY bedroom! The flickr pictures next to my list are part of my new bedroom.

It is so nice. Now I’m in the process of making a great home for me and my two kids (I’ve got full primary custodial care; she has visitation rights). We’ve done a lot of cleaning up after years of crap building up. Things are looking good.

This will be my last entry in this list. COUNT IT DONE!!!



I just read through every last one of your entries. You’re an inspiring man.[subscribe!]
My best wishes for your future – it’s wide open. How exciting for you!


That was really sweet of you to say something about it. Your right. It does feel wide open! Take care.

Mary Hawkins is ignoring cheers on this site for now. I still like you!

never thought I'd cheer this!

I never thought I’d cheer this, but it sounds like a good decision and I wish you [and your sons] well…

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