attend at least one non-music event per month (read all 6 entries…)

I think I’m forgetting one…but in any case, I hit up one and a half non-music events during March.

  1. Salon of Shame. This is a monthly gathering where grown adults volunteer to read the angsty, dramatic, wince-inducing biographic prose they wrote in their teens. Or at least, it’s supposed to be a gathering. This time there were all of two readers and a handful of audience members. But a) they were calling for a snow storm that night, which might have scared some peeps away b) one of the two readers spoke twice, making it like three readers (if you squinted during the first one’s encore performance) c) what was presented was very entertaining and d) they gave full refunds to the audience. I have to check this out again sometime, maybe even read if I can find some old stuff. This quarter I have a conflicting photo class, so it might be a while, alas.
  2. Cuckoo Crow. This only counts as a half since as a multimedia piece it was musical as well as everything else. I can’t say I gleaned anything from it except entertainment, but it was fantastic entertainment, especially when Haruko crawled throughout the entire center section of the Moore Theater solely on the backs of the (occupied) theater chairs.


Salon of Shame

I’m so, well, aSHAMEd that your first (and thus far only) Salon of Shame was such a dud. I wish you could make it to one in a couple weeks—we’ve got 10 readers lined up and it promises to be a doozy.

Damn, I really wish I could make it. Photo class won’t be a Wednesday conflict forever…I hope.


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