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Sponsor Adventurina (the author formerly known as Romantic Rosie) in the Oceans of Mercy 5K in Shawnee, KS, on April 22 (read all 2 entries…)
Well, I won't watch her run, it's too far, I'm afraid

but I’ll be happy to sponsor her as much as we can manage it.

What kind of money are we talking about?



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Rose, I can manage $5...

I was being cautious in case it was a $/per distance sort of thing.

And, yeah, I don’t mind the $5. I’d think the business could even afford it, I’ve had a flurry of mail order lately.

But yeah, I’ve got tax problems, mostly my fault, but I”ve got ‘em.

And, I’m off to go work on ‘em too.



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Rosie, did you send Judith your address? Otherwise, she can contact me (I want to meet her, so it won’t cost her any smackers).

P.S. Your new persona really needs to want to meet some people!!!

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happy to sponsor or give advice!

Got a few 5,000 meter races under my belt.

Good job!


send me the address

and I’ll send you the dough. How does it work ..is it a flat donation or a specific pledge for how far you go or what?


that’s why we hang with you!!!!!!!!

JudithKD Requests no links, tweets, or shared content ...thx!

I have Rosie's address, or should

I sent her some books not too long ago.

I’ll check to see if I’ve got it still!

Thank you for the complement, namely wanting to meet me Flirt.

So thanks all. I’ll let you know if I have a problem.


How could I not want to meet you...

I want to read your BOOK, too!!! :)

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