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work my hardest for my art portfolio (read all 28 entries…)
So muuuuch too dooooo.

So, I’ve started filling in the color for my “10th” piece. Aggh! It’s taking soo long. The colored pencils seem to be conspiring against me by becoming uberly waxy and difficult to use and layer.

I have the wings and torso done. I need to do the face, legs, hands, seascape, landscape, castle thingy, clouds/sky, and the suuun. Agah! So much so much, and this is technically due tomorrow. :(

Ah well, I’ll work on my Calc AP stuff for a while, and if the mood strikes me I’ll work on it afterwards, and hopefully get most of the legs done.

And if worst comes to worst, I’ll finish it up on my free day on Friday. Finish up another piece on Saturday, and yet another one on Sunday. And during the inbetween times (Thursday of vacation) I’ll revise and edit my previous art pieces—and voila, my entire concentration’ll be done just in time.



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