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Buster Benson I need more goals.

spring clean my house today (read all 4 entries…)
Hour One

I opened my downstairs closet and went a little crazy. Emptied it out and now I have two big bags of additional trash to go with the two that I got from clearing all of the visible junk from around the house. I’ve got a couple small piles of books: what I am still reading, what I’ve borrowed and need to give back, and what I don’t want anymore. Why is there guilt associated with throwing away books? It’s better for authors to throw their books away rather than selling them to used stores… haha. Well, I’m throwing mine away. It’s nothing compared to all the junk mail, packaging, and other trash that I generate so it’s not as if this were the final proof that we live in a use-once-throw-away society. That was proven a long time ago. Okay, I think I’m going to make a trip down to the trash, head over to Bed Bath & Beyond, and grab a coffee for round two.



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