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Fast every monday and thursday
Purpose of Fasting

The Quran says what means, (O you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those who were before you, in order that you may learn taqwa (piety)) (Al-Baqarah 2:183).

Taqwa is a very important spiritual and ethical term of the Quran. It is the sum total of all Islamic spirituality and ethics. It is a quality in a believer’s life that keeps him/her aware of Allah all the time. A person who has taqwa loves to do good and to avoid evil for the sake of Allah. Taqwa is piety, righteousness and consciousness of Allah. Taqwa requires patience and perseverance. Fasting teaches patience, and with patience one can rise to the high position of taqwa.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said that fasting is a shield. It protects a person from sin and lustful desires. When the disciples of Jesus asked him how to cast the evil spirits away, he is reported to have said, “But this kind never comes out except by prayer and fasting.” (Matthew 17:21).

Fasting in Islam releases the human spirit from the clutches of desire, thus allowing moderation to prevail in the carnal self.


How are you? You have showed some interest in the Quran before and I was just looking for ways to forward some interesting paragraphs on Islam. So I thought that it might be a good idea to email you directly from your box. I had some people who were telling me that I should write on Islam, because I’m very interested and I do lots of searches and studies…So here it is; I hope it’ll be useful. But please let’s us know if you find this step disturbing in any ways

We seek refuge in Allah against satan, the cursed creature
Bismilahi Rahmani Rahim

Part one:

We’ll open the discussion with this next statement; our intention is only to present upright information on Islam.

Note for interested non Muslims: Some of the passages in text might appear sometimes subjective for someone who does not have an overall view of Islam. But once we’re done presenting you the whole format, you will come to know that everything we say here has a thoughtful meaning Inch Allah (with Allah’s help). The aim is not convert anyone, but to share many aspects of Islam that are often unknown to the public, outside the Muslims community. The general topic contains three sections; then at the very end the last chapter we offer some source of references as a back up for the arguments. For your information Muslims will always say Allah instead of God, because of the divinity that characterizes this name.
Remark for Muslims: It is certain that true guidance is a property of Allah and He gives it to whoever He wants, so they can follow it and spread it if possible…
Today, we notice that many people are interested in Islam, especially since the 9/11. Some of them want to know what’s so particular about Islam while others try to understand what pushes some individuals (far from perceiving the message of Islam) to cause terrorist attacks. The Quran is a phenomenon (if you can understand this), and it tells you a lot about Islam and the true identity of Muslims; yet you won’t find any information about terrorism in the holy book. The main concept that deceives many (the so call “Muslims” Hijackers being their leaders) is the word Jihad, which could mean holy war, referring to the battles the prophet Muhammad (S.T.A.W.S) have done with his companions, for the purpose of defense against their enemies (who wanted to end Islam) or to help the oppressed people from rulers (especially the lower class who wanted to convert to Islam but didn’t have the freedom to do so). The Arab tribes were into idolatry; when Islam came to Arabia for the first time, its whole ideology was so touchy and true. That was something they could feel and connect with. Seeing that many people were embracing Islam, some rulers were afraid to loose their authority, thus they declared war to the prophet of Allah (puh). Note that the prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) went through harshness with his companions. During his first ten years of mission, there were minorities and didn’t have that much help or protection. When the prophet started preaching the new faith, some of the populations (the low class) who converted to Islam were killed; because they were considered deviants by believing in one God and the messenger…The persecution lasted around ten years. But regardless of all these difficulties people had always continued to be interested in Islam. By the 11th year of the mission many have accepted the Din (religion); so their situation was getting much better. There were actually verses of the Quran revealed by Allah at that same period (the 11th year), informing the prophet to organize a system of auto defense from now on and settle an Islamic state for his community. That’s how the jihad started with a military force initiated in Medina (South Arabia) for the sake of freedom of expression…
These were actually trials that all Nabi(s) of Allah (prophets), especially the ones with high status have to go through with their followers before they can triumph. When we say prophets with high status, we’re referring to the ones that had to bear the heaviest burden and the five well known ones, mentioned in the Quran are: Muhammad, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Noah (peace upon them). Allah gives them a super strong Iman (faith), so they won’t fear none but Him and overcome the most extreme tasks. In the sight of Allah, the more pain you can encounter, the closer you are to Him and the greater will be the reward. Those with this powerful Iman, sacrifice their whole life for the service of Allah. There are few people that have that kind of faith (this does not mean causing suicide bombs). The average man or woman may not be able to handle all these tasks; this is why Allah makes the religion very simple, as long as we honestly respect the Islamic principles to the limits of our possibilities. Therefore, Muslims should be grateful to Allah, and be humble. Sadly, some people are trying to create division in the Muslim community by presenting a false image of Islam. Now let’s point out some possible causes for a misinterpretation of the Quran: not having of a precise knowledge about Islam; not being familiar with the entire book of Allah; precipitation in drawing quick conclusions; lack of wisdom.
What we need to know about Islam? God originated all creations, and sends down guidance from Adam, to Noah, Abraham, Moses… and so on until Jesus, and finally Mohammed (peace upon them). All of them are prophets and servants (worshippers of Allah) who presented the same message of continuity to mankind. The Quran also states that these messengers have all conducted their duties of warning. Then their message was carried to the following generations for a period of time until people go back to “their old ways of behaving”, which means abandoning teachings from their appointed prophet and twisting his words. In brief, negligence has misled people and pushed them towards all kinds of prohibited actions. But then Allah as always would send them new prophets, because of His mercy and compassion for all children of Adam… This was the case up until the arrival of Mohammed (peace upon him, family and companions), who is a turning point for human beings. This last messenger was sent at a period where the humanity has obtained a considerable degree of autonomy and civilization (over 500 after J-Christ). Reading and writing were totally mastered, along with philosophy, math and its derivative branches; and Astronomy was known better. So, at that point, people could not find any more excuses for forgetting or rejecting the message; since everything is well recording with a more advanced material. In addition, means of transportation like boats with greater capacity and power were available making communication between far distances much easier. Humanity has also gained a lot of maturity over time; and we’ll clarify in the second topic how Islamic laws (sharia) can adapt with the different changes of society and mentalities. From a simple demonstration, we will show that these sharia laws are made to work for all times…
There are an abundance of additional facts that indicate why Mohammed (staw) is the last prophet of Allah and Islam a complete religion; seal of the previous ones from Allah. The Quran explains all of this implicitly and explicitly in its purified pages.
Awareness: Congratulation to all the ones who are trying to find the truth. We are supposed to look for the truth. If we do not do some background checks then we do not have any guarantee. Now it happens that Muslims are blessed to have access on tones of religious information right on their hands; they just need to make the extra effort of learning. What we mean by this is that guidance is brought right to their hands. The record on this matter will be opened in the second topic, Inch Allah. One the other hand the one who is not too worried about religion, won’t consider seeking the truth or bother to ask if certain things make sense or not. And by carefully paying attention to the details above, we can safely say that any rejection or loss of guidance that occurs after the revelation of Islam (over 14 hundred years now), is only a matter of carelessness for religious belief… Again congratulation to conscious ones!
Other evidences proving that Muhammad is the last one are, miracles accomplished by the prophet (puh) that were witnessed by his companions. Several predictions of the Quran and hadiths (prophet’s teachings) expressed in beautiful allegorical forms. Some of these Quranic prophecies which we remind dated from the 6th century depicture information related to science and technology. Naturally we cannot enumerate all the evidences here; but we’ll get into many of these details in the next section…
There is so much more to talk about regarding this fascinating faith. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. But before you do anything, please proceed to the next topic. Peace!
Our introductive discussion will be closed here; you can jump to the second article if that is your wish. But we recommend you just to go through the two short paragraphs that follow, regarding some characteristics of Islam.
Contact this address for the next discussion.

Important point: Now we want to discuss a bit about Al Karim (Allah has 99 names very famous among others): He originated all creations in the seven layers of Heavens. Note that the universe as known by men is only part of the first layer of Heavens. There are spiritual levels known in the Quran as Arath, and Koursiyou which are the dimensions of the Angels; the prophets of Allah have the spirit (Rukh) that can access to those levels. This is also true for a certain number of religious saints that have gained Mushahada (closeness with Allah). Yet, before any creation Allah has always been present. He is self- sufficient, thus He does not need His creatures or anything. He just creates out of His Mercy so they (the creatures) can benefit from Him. He does not have a beginning or end; His Ability does not have a limit. He runs the totally of His creations alone. He does not make any compromise. There isn’t anything that He does not have control over with a full autonomy…
Presentation on the acts of worship: Let’s quickly talk about some aspects of the religious practices. The different acts of worship are not a sequence of mechanical actions. The pillars of Islam like praying salah, fasting Ramadan, giving away zakat (form of charity) and performing Hajj (pilgrimage) or even reading the Quran have all tremendous advantages. We are just going to cite a few examples from the hidden secrets that lay behind these practices. For instance, any minor sin done between two consecutives salah prayers is completely wiped out. So if you do your five daily prayers by the evening all the minor sins are gone Inch Allah. For the major sins you have to ask Allah for sincere forgiveness and avoid repeating them afterwards. Reading the Quran gives us abundant blessing and mercy from Allah. Zakat and donations made for the sake of Allah purify from evil temptations and save us from poverty. Fasting voluntary or during Ramadan is a good way to get rid of major sins. Note that fasting the month of Ramada is the quickest way to clean ourselves from all sins, because every action is multiplied by ten during this sacred month. Finally a well performed Hajj is the complete purification that brings us back to the stage of a new born. So, this is a glimpse on Islam in general; and we’ll underline that this faith is really designed to elevate humans to another dimension, which is to the deepest realm of enlightenment. You see how a new born is incapable to do anything by itself, but then he or she grows up quickly and becomes independent later on. That’s how Islam can transform people. You may have a better approach of this, once we get to the second article Inch Allah…
There is so much more to talk about regarding this fascinating faith. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. But before you do anything, please proceed to the next topic. Wassalam!

To be continued… Contact email

(Barki Borom Touba)

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