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Made a resin skull bracelet

I made this a couple of months ago at a resin workshop but finally finished sanding it back this weekend. I want to find out how to make the silicon moulds so I can make my own designs. It was pretty easy to make the jewellery, just add dye to araldite, pour carefully into the mould, add decorations (like skull beads), let it set and then it’s ready in about half an hour. Just the sanding is the hard part, you have to wet sand with rough paper then make a smooth edge with smooth paper then finish with vegetable oil.


Silicone mould & making masters

Hi Jejuniper ,
Have a look at our web site We have resin jewellery kits , silicones and master making tools as well as special resins for casting. All products come with instruction with pictures. Thanks Luke @ lucid.

jejuniper is intermittent ... probably more inter than mittent


I’ll check it out … cheers.

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