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x_melanie_x it'll soon be Christmas x x x

be more confident (read all 23 entries…)
I feel even more confident

I just feel more confident lately and it is such a great feeling. I am now walking more and more with my head held high they I do get nervous about it and put my head down at times.
I try to be more out going in situations too but find myself uncomfortable but I am trying to work on that too and hopefully will overcome it.
I think it is helping by getting out more and going more places alone without someone with me I don’t know like with my driving lesson today.

I just feel a lot more confident of late though I am still a long way off :O)


It’s a good idea to go places alone, where you can reflect.
I notice that when some people are given an opportunity to look at themselves, they tend to look towards distractions to come between that time, however short it may be. Anything to take their minds off of themselves.
This is getting away from what you were saying, but I think it’s wonderful you’re doing things on your own as well.

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