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brussels_sprouts is living a life lacking purpose

make more friends
Dreams of Grandeur

Wouldn’t it be nice if the perfect TV image of “FRIENDS” could be true in everyone’s life? Where each one of us were a part of a core group of six friends who were always there for you no matter what was going on!


Dandy is happy that I have not smoked a cigarette in 21 days!! YAY!!! :-)


Yes, the ideal tv friend relations would be great and I am sure it does exist for some people. For me not so much. But maybe we can start the ideal online friendship of 6 core people that are always there for each other?

brussels_sprouts is living a life lacking purpose

Not a bad Idea!

You know there are so many amazing stories that we hear or see in movies, and me with an over-active imagination right away started dreaming of how amazing it would be if that worked and then one day the six of us met at our own little coffee shop and claimed the couch as ours, and just talked the afternoon away! Wouldn’t that be priceless?

A Family of friends :) :)

Hi ! I am really proud to say that I have something similar to the friendship that you see on friends and reunion with the people that I went to college with… We love each other so so much ! It is a group of friends with tons of humour and thousands of stories, past romances… etc. We are 8 including me and we get together at least once a week. And this may sound strange though, because I still feel like somehow I still need more people in my life… does it sound weird ??? I wish I could have at least two other groups of friends like the one I have right now

Sometimes I just wish that people would stay single longer and keep hanging out with friends and having fun together, dont you?

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