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pioneerspirit is re-discovering 43

Go on a massive protest
And been often,

I was hoping to take my kids often too, but then the Portland police started pepper spraying babies, I swear! Ugh. I went to one other anti-war protest in Portland without them, but took them to that first humongous Ralph Nader rally in PDX, before he totally lost his mind.

Took over the Olympia (Washington State) capitol building in undergrad during first gulf war (with huge crowd was actually very peaceful, mostly confused). Went to huge anti-apartheid rally in NYC another time in High School: with U2, Jackson Browne, Ramones, Third World playing at the end, awesome! Reproductive rights rallies in LA, one huge one in orange county. You really need training for these because those anti-choice people can get violent and push a lot.

People say it doesn’t accomplish anything, but I think it does, even if it’s only morale. But I think it’s more than that, it’s like a huge mass-prayer, and intention.

Here’s a picture of my friends and I in 7th grade (12 yo) at my first rally: huge anti-nuke rally in Central Park, NYC.



ake is my travel hero.

you are my protest hero.

I really do need to write this list down

pioneerspirit is re-discovering 43

aw shucks

i think it’ cause i’m an infp: nice way to make a big statement and still remain anonymous.

you’re my comment hero, how do you do it, so many salient comments, so cool!

I don't know

I guess I just get interested in the things you all have to say…and I want to show my support, but not be flippant about it, so I just try to say something helpful or encouraging.

(This comment was deleted.)

Evergreen Storms Capitol Bldg

I was there in the Capitol too. We eventually worked out a statement by consensus, gave it, and left after a few hours…but they did confuse us by leaving us alone..was a real leap before look.

Guess they were used to that sort of thing. ;)
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