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What Life Plan?

I guess I have strayed a bit from the main topic. A few days ago, another friend asked me over the phone “What is your plan?” I struggled a bit and had forgotten what my articulated plan was. For the record, our plan (wifey and I) is, “To stay flexible and open to opportunities that come our way, take advantage of the opportunites that are presented to us, create our spiritual community in whatever form it shows up, and have fun along the way.”

We were planning on moving back to the West Coast last Summer due to the poor work opportunities here, but also realized that some of our investments here were really turning out better than we expected. We also realized that our tax consequences would be much less if we lived in our new home for 2 years at least and then decide if we wanted to move somewhere else, or stay in Hawaii. These days, Madame Pele seems to be smiling on us.



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