Develop a practical guide for Living Sustainably! (also known as Reducing Ecological Feetprints or being Environmentally Friendly and such... all have similar notions but would be useful to summarise constructive advice and have links to reliable info) (read all 2 entries…)
more on mogwai propagation...

for the disbelievers see here for all the environmentally friendly goals, and here for all the goals concerned with ecological footprints, and also here for sustainable living

it’s an epidemic i tell you!!! trees everywhere are being hugged more than they ever were before… (grass roots jokes aside) you’d be just plain crazy not to get in on the action… so join me! :D

ooh ooh, and i also thought once the intial guidelines are posted, if we wanted to add more info thats location specific we could just copy the goal and add “in Timbuktu” (or wherever you are) at the end!

[of course it is my hidden agenda to contribute to the propogation of more goals… i’ve been pro-gremlin breeding a looong time now… but that really is an aside to my general ambition here]

hows that for thinking aye ;) not only that, but i think i’m procrastinating from doing that other thing i promised… y’know the guidelines first draft thingee? yep, well, if you wanna see it you have to join me with this goal, so there :P hehe


funchilde is improving. daily.

vanity fair article

great article on 50 practical ways to help save the environment!




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