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own a hybrid car
2003 Honda Civic Hybrid

I like it. Solid car, decent legroom even in back. Haven’t had any mechanical problems thus far. Average mileage: 38-40 mpg. Only drawback is crappy acceleration, so you have to plan your merges, but I’m used to that from my old Toyota Corolla.

It was a practical/enlightened purchase, though, not a crush. I still don’t sense much personality from it. If I could afford it, I’d get it a zippy paint job.


Very cool, congrats! I want a hybrid also…
As for personality, a car grows on you without you noticing it, just give it some time! Naming your car tends to help though ;)

I can't think of a name!

You’re right that a name helps. I had the same problem with my last car, a medium-blue Toyota Corolla. I wanted to name it, but it just struck me as a very bland, sensible car, and nothing came to me. I couldn’t even tell if it was a girl or boy.

Whereas my first car, when I was a teenager, was a metallic green ‘74 VW Kharmann Ghia I got on the side of the highway for $900. He was CLEARLY a boy – maybe because the transmission was stick-shift. :D And his name was Ghia.

I guess I’m looking for a name for the hybrid that suggests prudence, responsibility, and being careful with money – sensible. Sort of quiet, placid, and bland, but also with a slight environmental sensibility. Any suggestions? :)

Hmmm difficult...

Actually I have a very similar problem ;)
I drive a small white Suzuki Wagon R, which I got because it’s the sensible thing to do in Japan (price of car check-ups depends on size of car and engine).
As you can guess I haven’t named it yet either!

prudence, responsibility, and being careful with money – sensible. Sort of quiet, placid, and bland, but also with a slight environmental sensibility

The name “Herbert” comes to mind…

So funny

When I read “Herbert”, my immediate thought was, “No, she’s female!” Hee.

I’ve decided on “Nora”.

I looked at the Suzuki Wagon R on the Suzuki Japan website.* My first thought is “Max”. Or maybe “Mac”. My impression: compact, competent, what you see is what you get. I’d call it cute, but I’m afraid I’d get my lights punched out. :D Hard to tell from just one picture though.

  • Intriguingly, the only phrase Google translates to English includes the phrase “at the time of the utilization of the sea bass.”

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